Old to “New old”, a mid-century bedroom makeover for today.


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I love my new house, built in 1965, it’s a baby compared to my old house, the 1926 Colonial. Their ages might be different but they both offered me the same thing. Tons of character. Like a confident older woman, my home wears her age proudly in the lacquered wooden doors and ’60s slate entryway. We’ve recently given her a bit of a modern facelift with some of the renovations we’ve done but since my favorite styles are and always will be a blend of mid-century modern and boho industrial she still looks like herself. To me, an older woman with a sense of style that wears her age proudly is infinitely more attractive than someone fighting it with fillers. Our home is the funky-glasses kind of grandma.

We are taking our renovations slowly. I knew that with this house I wanted to make each move purposeful or not at all. You can check out our last renovation here.  In addition to that, we have done some small improvements here and there, paint, updating figures, etc. We are both working full-time and have toddlers though, so we try to keep them to projects that either can be contained in one area or take a day or two to do. This one has been my favorite so far.

We debated on redoing the “kids’ bathroom” or our bedroom first. We went back and forth but ultimately decided that if we didn’t prioritize the bedroom it probably wouldn’t get done. Luckily we had some help with deciding in the form of a new Tuft and Needle mattress. So we got to it.

The wallpaper had to go. It was pretty while it lasted and gave me all sorts of Steven King’s Overlook Hotel vibes but it was time to peel that sucker off like a bad sunburn and reveal what was hiding under it.

We (correction Mark) sprayed those walls with 1:1 water white vinegar mixture and muscled that original wallpaper off. The room smelled like a salad for a week but it was worth it. I usually hate accent walls but I wanted something to make the room more fun. I love color but I wasn’t willing to commit to a bold color throughout the room so accent it was. A few coats of Sherwin William’s Ovation in Emerald Stone and I was already in love.

Here’s the finished product…

Thrifting is my jam. That chair? $30. That dresser? That is one of my favorite things I ever bought. Bought from the most amazingly sweet and adventurous nurses I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past on her mission to clean out her CT house and move to Alaska with her man.  To spend days fishing, hunting and generally being one of the cutest couples I’ve seen. That dresser, along with its taller sister are original Ward Furniture mid century dressers. These puppies were bought for $50 total and included homemade duck sausage (yum). I got the win of the century right here because after googling, these beautiful ladies are worth $400 on the low side and I’ve found them online being sold for up to $1000 a piece. No one gets to buy mine though because I’m in love.

I had my eye on a bed from CB2 forever so I knew what I was getting for a bed, this lovely lady, the CB2 Drommen bed but as for a mattress I was stumped.  When that big white box with T&N printed on the side arrived on my doorstep I did not know how happy I was about to be.

As you all know I have had horrible, terrible, no-good sleeps for a while now. Night shifts and a propensity for insomnia makes for a miserable me. Add in a cheap latex mattress we got on a whim after the old spring one was ready to shank us in the night and sleep was near torture. We needed an upgrade. We got it.

This mattress is heaven. I am not even exaggerating. My husband is a big guy and he loves to snuggle (sorry Mark). This mattress company thought about couples when they created their “T&N Adaptive Foam”. It keeps me cool even with my 210-pound husband bear-hugging me at 3 AM. Plus when I’m ready to get away I don’t wake him anymore because it minimizes that water-bed/trampoline effect. If I’m being honest, I don’t roll. I pancake flip ten times to find the right position. He stays asleep because it supports him and my bounce is localized to me which means I don’t wake him and cause another husband snuggle vice problem for myself.

They ship that pretty box free and you get 100-nights to see if you like it. 100 nights to test it and then if you’re not a fan they donate that mattress to local charities and non-profits across the country. I really can’t say enough about this, an amazing bed that is made in the US, honestly priced (a great price that doesn’t change mind you) that gives back. What more can you ask really?

I wanted this room to be us. It is our room so I wanted to add a few touches of Mark and I in here that went beyond just the occasional photo of us from when we used to take pictures of us and not our offspring. After some serious brainstorming and then saying I have no idea I started to go through our old wedding pictures and remembered that I gave my husband the book “The Missing Piece Meets the Big O”. Now get your mind out of the gutter for a second and let me explain.


One of my favorite places in the world is the bookstore. I love the smell, the quiet, the pages upon pages of stories and tips and pictures I’ve never seen or heard. If you haven’t done it, get lost in a book store. Well Mark being the trooper that he is, and the fact that it was probably the second day we spent together and we were crazy kids in love (yes it was love at first sight pretty much… please stop gagging) he played along. We pulled books off the shelves, sat and sipped coffee and sat too close and giggled too much (me not him). We showed some of our favorite childhood books to one another and this was one of Mark’s. If you haven’t read it, it’s the second “Missing Piece” book by Shel Silverstein about the Missing piece who is looking to “fit” with someone. The piece tries a bunch of partners but none fit well except one, they roll along happily but then the piece starts to grow and doesn’t fit that one anymore and they decide to part ways. The piece is left there alone again to meet the big O. The big O is a complete circle, who has nowhere for the piece to fit. The missing piece wants to fit with the big O but the big O doesn’t have pieces missing so instead suggests the piece start rolling, the piece questions it but does and in the end, they roll together side by side. Sometimes I’m the missing piece, sometimes Mark is. There are days where we are all together in this story and each one takes the place of the Big O. Regardless, we found each other as we are and will roll through life together as individuals.  This quote and picture is us.

I wanted to get it printed and found it to be harder than I imagined and my friend Todd Barndollar of (go check out his images- you’ll drool and ooh and ahh, he’s crazy talented) hooked me up with a local photography place who helped me scan and edit it so that I could get it printed high resolution for the size I needed. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Just a few last minute special things, a pretty jewelry box from Homegoods, my favorite picture that my sister, Kaitlyn,  drew of the boys and me, some plants and lamps from Ikea and it started to look like a real room.

I couldn’t love it any more than I do. I’m enjoying practicing my napping skills. Daisy and Dakota aren’t minding either, they are sneaking their own naps during my work days.

What’s your favorite room in your house and why? Let me know and tell me what you think of our little re-do!

Until next time…

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