About Jen…

Hey kids! Welcome to (A)cute life.


A lifestyle blog by yours truly. Focusing on life in CT as a wife, mom, and nurse.

Here’s a little bit about me in case you find yourself wondering “who is this chick?” behind the sarcastic comments and self-deprecating humor.

My name is Jen Kyer. I am married to the hottest guy I know. We made it official almost 6 years ago. During that time I made a couple of kids with said hot guy. Two boys to be exact. Logan who is almost four and Dane who is two. My life is legos, dinosaurs, boogers, and fart jokes. It’s pretty freaking awesome honestly.

I was a full-time ICU nurse (days for a while and nights most recently) for the past couple (almost 9) years.  I did a few other things in that period but kept my foot in the ICU because the really sick medicine patients call to me. I recently left the hospital full-time and started working at a surgical center with normal hours and weekends off. I have no idea what to do with myself. I’m still getting used to it. Costco on Saturday gives me palpitations. I still pick up time at the hospital to get my fill of vasopressors and ventilators but now on my own accord.

I started blogging before my son was born as a little secret hobby with no intention of going public but one day got the bug to share and the rest is history. Things started to go well on my previous site www.on-purpose.co so I decided to take it a step further. With a new job and new-found normal circadian rhythm I got myself a new site and here she is.


I’m figuring out life as a wife, mom, and nurse. One emergency at a time.


I am brutally honest, terribly sarcastic and have no idea what the hell I am doing or how I got here. I still can’t believe that someone thought it was a good idea to send me home with a newborn after I pushed that kid out but here I am. Two kids in, two homes, too many cars (I am not a good driver), and thirty-years-old. GASP. Last time I checked I was an awkward 15-year-old with braces. Fast forward fifteen years and I’m the same chick (just as awkward if not worse) with straighter teeth.

I promise to fill you in on all the chaos, joy, hilarity, pain, and monotony of this life. Snarky comments and inappropriate commentary guaranteed.

Thanks for visiting. Grab a coffee or bottle of wine and stay a while.

I hope you laugh, cry, and feel a little less crazy after reading.

Please, please email me at jenkyer@acutelife.com to let me know what you think, how you feel and if you want me to cover something or have an idea for a post! Nothing is off-limits!

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